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The magic Steam key is a unique service used for winning a random Steam key every couple of days. Test your luck with just one click on the magic box.
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19 Aug, 2021
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New key/s added on: 05/07/2024

Please use CTRL + F5 on your keyboard to refresh the magic box.

Do you want some magic random Steam key? Feel free to use our new magic box for the random Steam keys. To test your luck just click on the Steam magic box below and wait for the automated process to finish.

Keep in mind that you need to be fast because we add new random keys every day, so if someone clicks on the magic box before you – the key may be already redeemed.

If the key is already redeemed, don’t worry, just frequently visit our site and magic box section to check when is a new key added to the magic box. That info will be on the top of this page.

Magic Steam Key Box

We hope you like our new system for getting random free Steam keys. This option is more simple than the option of completing tasks for free Steam keys, but also keep in mind that the magic box will not give you some popular and expensive game keys. But, hey, it’s free!

NOTE: Don’t forget to leave a comment when you successfully redeem a key. Users who get a message from Steam “key already in use” also leave a comment. With that info, we can faster add new Steam keys to the magic box. Thanks

Good luck!

Free Steam Keys

List of legit free Steam keys for our users. If you want a new game key just click on the “Get It Free” button above and follow the simple instructions. For more info please read our FAQ.

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Why Trust Us?

ALL keys are provided by the developers and ONLY the developers can create valid CD keys for the Steam platform. That is why we highly recommend that you use our service to get free Steam keys.

This video game can be played for free on Steam with the help of our service. Unlock your license key, redeem it on Steam, and the game will be in your library permanently.

The CD key is a digital unique combination of letters and numbers that replaces the need for a physical disc to play the game on PC. Digital games are clean and do not require any plastic or physical boxes, and we believe that is a positive step in the gaming world.

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278 comments on "Magic Steam Key (Free Random Keys)"

  1. charles polman says:

    Beat Cop

  2. John Davis says:

    Key gave me Mr. Dubstep.

  3. John Davis says:

    Key is already in use

  4. David R. says:

    Awesome service, I got Cube Runner. Thanks

  5. John Davis says:

    Neon Space

  6. charles polman says:

    mr dubstep

  7. charles polman says:

    slash it ultimate

  8. Haz says:

    Great web site

  9. sasha says:

    hi mine is duplicate ;-;

  10. sasha says:

    OMG THIS ACTUALLY WORKS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I got neon space 2 today! im going to try this everyday thank you guys so much!!

  11. Key is already in use

  12. Descortex says:

    Key already in use =(

  13. marcus says:

    key already in use

  14. Cristina says:

    Key is already in use 🙁

  15. rick says:

    Key already in use…ughh

  16. shaun roux says:

    key already in use ai damn

  17. Arslan Bakar says:

    Key is already in use.

  18. key already in use D86C0-KFPHM-097XA

  19. Julian says:

    Thanks for free key

  20. Rainaye Khan says:

    Keys are already in use add new ASAP !!

  21. Freddy K says:

    Key is already in use: JIYLY-AY5NC-EF30J

  22. vincent guillot says:

    Key is already in use

  23. alumni says:

    key already in use : C0Q06-Q2IVZ-I26NR

  24. shaun says:

    already in us :{

  25. kia says:

    says key already used:(

  26. Sheesh says:

    key already used!

  27. cAN i GOt fReE sTeAM kEY? says:

    key already in use.

  28. Jigsaw says:

    Key already in use

  29. sadkitty says:

    key is in use: PTQMM-2WH9G-HVQKP

  30. viskooo says:

    Key is already in use

  31. Ye says:

    key in use

  32. d says:

    KEY in use

  33. Ye says:

    in use

  34. Sohil Momin says:


    already used message

  35. Dackee says:


    Key already in use

  36. Ye says:

    0LA44-4DLIE-LIGVJ used, what time EST do you add the keys everyday?

  37. Ye says:

    3D37C-80QR6-F4WT9 used, thanks for providing anyways.

  38. Safwan says:

    key already in use

  39. Ye says:

    QLI0A-M7J5T-F0HC4 already used

  40. Ye says:

    PIIB4-XJL8P-X3942 used

  41. Ye says:

    33PBR-ZA93H-KR6XA used

  42. Ye says:

    9X79Y-T8DDT-Z8CC8 used

  43. TDH says:

    Key already used

  44. Anderson says:

    DEJFW-87X0B-K5MXM Has been used

  45. Ye says:

    lmao, the one time a code isnt used, its a game i already own: C2VAG-DVAFC-YFV3J, take it while it lasts someone

  46. eggegg says:


    already used message

  47. djpa says:

    already again

  48. Ye says:

    EBIYM-VZ6XX-JFAV0 used

  49. meuser says:

    IJD9K-A8XFM-XP0I5 already used!

  50. Psx’d says:

    Code already in use

  51. Cornelis Deadbeat says:

    KZA2T-QNIXJ-J09M7 Key already used

  52. Lmaolikas says:

    B679Q-E9RHL-HBNHX duplicated key :((

  53. Tuna says:

    key already in use

  54. Glytched says:

    Got an already redeemed key 🙁

  55. Ye says:

    7T4RJ-IBA0A-99KYD is used

  56. Mario says:

    Motion Of The Heart now is mine thaankkks

  57. bud says:

    0RJ5B-I0G86-5TGGR has already been activated

  58. Ye says:

    D6CWE-IH08C-FVK4Q used

  59. aimi says:

    X3XI9-G9PLF-070XB has been already used

  60. Ye says:

    KAXVJ-YR7AR-TGPQE used alread

  61. Pro says:

    When do you update the new key? Any specific time?

  62. Pro says:

    One more thing, by typing the key in steam, we can unlock any game on steam?

  63. Ye says:

    R84Z9-G9ACX-7TPYX used, i have found one key that wasnt used but it was a game that i already owned, so i know they are legit

  64. Ye says:

    PCJY3-ZP76Q-DTN4V used

  65. aimi says:

    GEZ3A-VPGEB-Z84DH has been used

  66. Well says:

    Key is in use :

  67. aimi says:

    key in use

  68. kaush says:

    NBF2Z-HCCKD-C0935 already in use

  69. key is of yesterday

  70. Punk says:

    Already in use

  71. Please update the key

  72. brc54574 says:

    L8RL4-XFILQ-ELTNJ alreadey in use

  73. freelifer says:

    R3F9X-270N6-ZXVDK already in use

  74. Denis Borisenko says:

    R3F9X-270N6-ZXVDK alreadey in use

  75. Morgan Cusack says:

    key in use

  76. unnamed says:

    key already in use

  77. Zhykier Bordo says:

    key already in use!

  78. SCAM says:

    Key is already in use

  79. Hypocrud says:

    Key is already in use

  80. 8DIGY-PD4L6-3JWNT already used

  81. birbhimself says:

    52KDA-4EZIG-9LPD5 key is already in use

  82. John says:

    4E2KX-TAX52-DQ9VA key is already used

  83. Erd says:

    key already in use 4E2KX-TAX52-DQ9VA

  84. thach says:

    Key is already in use.

  85. thach says:

    Key is already in use.

  86. Fredman says:

    Key is used

  87. Daniel says:

    EZW8Z-2M0PZ-6KBKC dup / Poly Puzzle: Furries

    YFKVK-AJM68-Y3762 works / Poly Memory: Furries


  88. Daniel says:

    AX0XQ-F2Z3F-GQ7XY DUP Infected City

  89. Daniel says:

    BMI7A-PRCGQ-EFVY5 DUP Hentai Petting Simulator

  90. Daniel says:

    CPWXG-DP6TE-D3KII DUP Russian Anime for Beta Testing

  91. andrei says:

    already in use 🙁

  92. Daniel says:

    8NJAT-7LA65-RCIVL Hentai Swimming Club


  93. Daniel says:

    JK2T9-YC3XV-RW0Q5 Orenji-iro no Kumo


  94. Ye says:

    in use

  95. elisha says:


  96. Daniel says:

    MTWBE-YNLM9-CQC2L Blacksmith Run


  97. Keks says:

    0FJGL-HCEV2-JKP6X was already used

  98. Daniel says:

    0FJGL-HCEV2-JKP6X Watashi no Kokoro! 君の事が好きです。


  99. Daniel says:

    73LKF-6DVBN-J4GXI Connect the Dots


  100. Daniel says:

    V6XLX-HY72E-TJA4F Neon Arena


  101. User says:

    DL3GP-34830-F8JMQ was already used

  102. Daniel says:

    FP7WG-XDEG2-2KK7G One Try, One Kill


  103. Bob Fuknik says:

    Key already used…

  104. han says:

    was already used

  105. pepo says:

    Key is already in use.

  106. MarkosAnonymus says:

    key is already used :0

  107. Nova says:

    45WP2-MKHR3-BLEPN Already was used.

  108. men says:

    is already used

  109. Jinx says:

    it gave me a duplicate

  110. Rodix says:

    Key already used 🙁

  111. han2t says:

    it gave me a duplicate

  112. Sunkissed says:

    Duplicate already activated by someone else 🙁

  113. Evolight says:

    key already in usage again

  114. Mine was a duplicate

  115. key already in use QY7VZ-Q0XQA-BFMMY

  116. BROCCHETTO says:

    deja utiliser

  117. beethof says:


    Key is in used not working

  118. Anonymous says:


    Already in use

  119. subnautica guy says:

    key in use

  120. novacban says:

    555P2-TE322-R0ZYN was already used

  121. beethof says:

    555P2-TE322-R0ZYN duplicated

  122. Taco says:

    09M0J-BNT2B-MQWMZ is used

  123. ur mom says:

    key is duplicate

  124. Kostik says:

    VM0YT-NBV40-2GA00 is used

  125. Ijo Mon says:

    2JCWP-7DDEJ-T6Q5Y key already in use

  126. Du Hast says:

    BYRGZ-WNC23-N77YB key already in use

  127. Narek says:


  128. YEs says:

    AK42J-R5P0G-JNVNP Already in use

  129. Cihan says:

    BYRGZ-WNC23-N77YB is already in use

  130. Gio says:

    DDJWV-RJRV3-TFVKX already in use

  131. Noel345 says:

    VIHY9-J2GBN-I4YHN déjà utilisé

  132. Alexzander OESTERLE says:

    already in use

  133. bio says:

    key is ready used V87B6-X72JP-P0LV3

  134. Joe moma says:

    MMB0J-X63ZV-QBTRX already in use

  135. DeCrys says:

    duplication code V87B6-X72JP-P0LV3

  136. Deon says:


    key already in use

  137. jase says:

    8L7VX-ALV0C-Q70DB dupe

  138. DeCrys says:

    8L7VX-ALV0C-Q70DB duplication code

  139. abdo says:

    please add a new key

  140. ... says:

    9FLXQ-CBNFT-73VZG in use dup

  141. sfosac says:

    J6T0V-874GC-T4D7F in use

  142. Rohit says:

    J6T0V-874GC-T4D7F <==== already in use
    when does the key usually refreshes??

  143. adam elarmaoui says:

    already used

  144. tyuugy says:

    key in use

  145. Maxwell says:

    VVW8Y-2J6PB-HH5V6 <==== already in use

  146. Maxwell says:

    LWQ32-846XE-IMMWN <===== Key has not been updated yet

  147. Kriss says:

    Alredy used

  148. Maxwell says:

    BG4GI-QNA6J-BFPWJ <===== Key has been used by another user… (again)…

  149. copin says:

    BG4GI-QNA6J-BFPWJ key already in use

  150. Harith says:

    BG4GI-QNA6J-BFPWJ already used
    I didn’t get it in time 🙁

  151. pete says:

    key already in use

  152. Rohit says:

    in just 20 sec after new key someone used it wow was efreshing every 20 sec

  153. Metallic3565 says:

    Already in use

  154. Harith says:

    key already used

  155. Kake says:

    445P4-YCN53-7MME5 already in use

  156. keya says:


  157. Oscar Wilde says:

    3M00B-6MRNZ-9BTH0 code already used.

  158. Kake says:

    F7EQ7-PCXGW-9XLXN already used

  159. yessine says:

    thank u

  160. Nethmi says:


    this key is already been used.

  161. Kake says:

    T7VPJ-R7DTV-3XTHB already used

  162. Matthew says:

    this key is in use 😔

  163. oofomega says:

    FWQX0-D60ZK-5PB48 used

  164. Peter says:


    Key already in use

  165. Rupert says:


  166. Noakenza says:

    key is already in use for me

  167. Maxer001 says:


    key is already in use

  168. Kolton D says:

    already in use :((

  169. kirito says:

    it is use

  170. XD says:


    Key already in use

  171. gustav says:

    H659J-38GDJ-R6KFF already in use

  172. Yanni says:

    key already use

  173. Dark says:

    used key

  174. LP says:

    A0NQB-P9H4X-EQPBL already in use

  175. CHRIS says:


  176. derdertinnit says:

    405LA-ITJ28-JI9GG already in use 🙁

  177. MaîtreAnonyme says:


  178. Doge on Steam says:

    Key already in use
    The Key: 405LA-ITJ28-JI9GG

  179. charit says:

    key already in use AVXM9-BLDY7-XLMD3

  180. John says:

    2Q0A8-B9KE4-B0MK3 Already in use

  181. Evillight says:

    Key already in use — 4CCLW-GT7V6-N99H5

  182. youareanidiot60ì9 says:

    new key when

  183. Littletod says:

    this code is in use, please remove this code

  184. Salin says:

    used key

  185. Red says:


  186. k says:

    VE62Y-NELB3-A3PKF already used

  187. al says:

    em uso VE62Y-NELB3-A3PKF

  188. nishchal says:

    VE62Y-NELB3-A3PKF alredy in use plz giv me a new code

  189. kelp says:

    7296I-C5YHP-2YFCP used

  190. digma6957 says:

    the key was already activated

  191. XxOoplsoOxX says:

    key in use

  192. dud says:

    ZFKBP-CF466-ZFWJ3 key in use

  193. Asia H says:

    Code taken

  194. kevin goukens says:

    VE62Y-NELB3-A3PKF already in use

  195. ub3rtt says:

    key already in use: IITQN-BG697-R9EWE

  196. akif says:

    code IITQN-BG697-R9EWE is already used

  197. cat next door says:

    Mine was used already

  198. JAMJAM says:

    steam key already used

  199. cat next door says:

    IITQN-BG697-R9EWE key used alr

  200. Lucas Wadden says:

    XTN7D-V3G4I-L023T duped code

  201. viuviu says:

    XTN7D-V3G4I-L023T in use

  202. dododododo says:

    no longer in use

  203. Senpai says:

    Not Working on my region

    here u go: 3DM8V-V85XD-DLQE0

  204. Phantom says:


    Already in use.

  205. iWishkem says:

    D2D8W-ILH6W-57EDB is already used

  206. Crash Rash says:

    key is already use

  207. Vay says:

    5552A-E30A3-434HH is arledy used

  208. NoTg says:


    already in use=\\

  209. Vay says:

    C4T06-9ITY0-XHJMD alredy used lol

  210. Vay says:

    RXX03-Z2JNG-5F3T3 used

  211. CXD says:

    Key in use : RXX03-Z2JNG-5F3T3

  212. vgv says:

    RXX03-Z2JNG-5F3T3 in use

  213. jack says:

    EHI6T-F6HVD-9DK9W is in use

  214. vetal029 says:


  215. soeor says:


    Code Already in use

  216. bendy says:

    RTLCT-N0QZ4-YLHV5 allready used

  217. chebix says:

    Q4Q5P-J2C0D-30I4F is arleady in use

  218. Cecilia says:

    Q4Q5P-J2C0D-30I4F already in use

  219. EFI Shell says:

    Used key.

  220. TSR says:

    used kay JKJKR-ICCXX-HD6T9

  221. Vextrely says:

    For those of you saying that the key is already used, that is because the key you got is going to be the same for the rest of the day. Yes, the generator gives the same key for everyone, you just have to get it fast.

  222. danl says:

    F3P9A-XLAF6-6HMHB, please make the position to write a comment easier to reach, so its more simple to comment the already used keays

  223. Vincent Monty says:

    code already in use: CB03W-2RC9B-PIRVA

  224. momahdi says:

    When Steam says that in your region there is no random code that can be activated, does that code disappear forever?

  225. Anonim says:


    Cute Cats 3

    Used Key

  226. Niga228 says:

    Cute cats 2

  227. yeesus says:


    Key already used

  228. Starkilleravgn says:

    Duplicate code warning

  229. InstantRage Gaming says:

    DEA26-49FZ0-QYMPM Duplicate…. Seems like a running trend

  230. richard says:

    key ya en uso 🙁

  231. Marek says:

    Duplicitní klíč NBGFX-TK3RI-7WZWW

  232. joppy says:

    PF74C-VT6VV-WZIGY is in use

  233. Idu says:

    Used key

  234. kyo says:

    “key already in use

  235. Donna says:

    Duplicate Product code
    Already activated by an existing steam account

  236. Kognato says:

    ALPDL-FY628-4Q6BP already in use

  237. Kinsman says:

    ZQLLX-XAI9E-M7508 already in use.

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